The main parts of the generator Spare parts, car generator.

Pulley serves to transmit mechanical power from the engine to the alternator shaft through a belt.
car generator

Generator housing consists of two covers:

  • the front (pulley side) and rear (on the side of contact rings) used to mount the stator, the generator installation on the engine and placement of bearings of the rotor. On the back cover eliminator brush assembly, voltage regulator (if built in) and external leads are placed for connection to the electrical system;
  • Rotor is steel shaft with two steel sleeves arranged on it. Between them there is the field of winding, the ends of which are connected to the slip ring. Generators are equipped with predominantly cylindrical brass slip rings;
  • Stator is packet dialed from steel sheets having the shape of a tube. It is a three-phase winding grooves, wherein the power of the generator is generated;
  • Assembling with rectifying diodes combines six powerful diodes, pressed by three in the positive and negative heat sinks;
  • Voltage regulator is a device that supports the voltage of the onboard vehicle network in predetermined limits during changing of electrical load, the frequency of the generator rotor and ambient temperature;
  • The brush assembly is removable plastic construction. There are spring-mounted brushes in contact with the rotor rings;
  • Protective cover of diode module.